Shoebox Project (365 pictures!)
Day 3 - Success! (and a mini-rant)

Shoot me now, I don’t particularly care. It’s another day, and another blog to post – So let’s get on it RIGHT NOW!

Today was another boring day at college. I found out I made a 98 on my midterm essay for English 101– one that I absolutely could NOT stand whatsoever! I was pretty stoked about that, considering it was on a subject I was rather iffy with: child abuse. Don’t get me started on that crock of shit. Plz do not take this as a sign that I have been abused, my childhood was more than perfect.

I’ve just known really important people in my life that, however, came from shitacular shitty backgrounds. It’s less than fun for them to deal with whatever stigmas they place on society.

Uh…I had a biology lab midterm, which ends all my exams as of right now…until the next four weeks roll around. I also have a lab report to type up, which I should probably start tomorrow while I’m not doing jack SHIT!

Asides that, it’s been workworkwork. I need to go rewrite this fucking draft for an interview essay for Eng 101 that’s due Friday. That woman, I swear! She can’t teach! She talks about everything in various order. It doesn’t make sense. Explaining it won’t even make sense so I might as well shut up and move on!

Uh…The Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell policy being removed drives me insane. I was informed by my lovely friend, Emma, that it was. While I feel that it’s a good step up to show our acceptance to the homosexual crowd, I believe it’ll eventually serve as more detrimental to our fellow gays than not. When you think about it, the gay men are going to take more of a hit when it comes to being open about their sexuality in the military. I think sexuality shouldn’t play a role, and you should keep it shut out of the picture – it’s damaging to the relationships between the platoon, squad, battalion, company, whatever! Unfortunately there are closeminded people out there who will feel quite uncomfortable with the idea, and the last thing you want amongst a group of men that have to work together is for there to be a falling out over something so trivial.

It’s gonna be pretty damn distracting when someone on a military base decides to wear a rainbow shirt to show off their pride. Let’s face it, in an area where there needs to be order and professionalism, rubbing your sexuality in someone else’s face is not the right idea to go about doing things. People that are straight don’t go off making ying and yang symbol t-shirts and scream out, “HEY EVERYONE. I’M FUCKING STRAIGHT!” It’s ridiculous. I understand having pride, but keep it to the minimum in a place where there’s testosterone present around every corner. You’re stirring up the pudding and asking for some shit to go down.


I’m showing you my general disgust for day 3’s lack of sparkly events.

On another note – I have a meeting tomorrow…AGAIN. For work. Uh…Oh! I’m getting my hair cut Saturday morning. AND DYED! Back to its original color, at that. Stay tuned, guys.

Raping villages and burning women,


Day 2 - Total hard day’s work

Okay, so it’s almost midnight, so you can’t say I didn’t post for day one! I’ve been actually really sidetracked today as a matter of fact. But I’m still keeping this self-challenge bullshit going. I want to prove myself that I have the fortitude, willingness, and HEART to stick to something…for once. So, anyway!
I found most of my day really boring. I went to the typical biology class…learned about photosynthesis. I almost fell asleep about five times. I think I’m going to start a drinking game. For every time I fall damn near asleep, I’m going take a shot of…yeiger meister. There we go. Sounds like an A-okay plan to me! The next bit was retardedly retarded. I got called in to work for - you guys will LOVE this - an hour and a half. Then I had to attend some mandatory meeting about winning the customer over or some shit. That was it, after that I was free.

    THEN began the real fun (after some studying). I wound up going to karate for the entire time they were opened, and interviewed my karate instructor on some Marine Corps shit. I say shit like I don’t care. I actually do. I love anything to do with the military. I just throw ‘shit’s around like tissue paper. JA. JA. JAJA.
But proof of my hard work tonight will be in tonight’s picture:


see? look how sweaty i am! I WORKED HARD TONIGHT!

inb4 - "this whole blog is gonna be pictures of you"

BULLLLSHIIIIITTTTT. BULLLLLLSHIIIIIIT. Yes, there will be some pictures of me. Yes. I promise you, there will be. I am a conceited (notrly) BITCH. So get over it. I will have random snapshots of my life in here, as well. It’s a melting pot of shit.

Btw, I am not a photographer so don’t call me one. I am not an aspiring model, so don’t call me one. When it comes to pictures, I don’t partake in the taking of or making of them. I love photography, but it’s not my forte, nor will it probably ever be, more than likely.

Regardless, I have a bed that needs some loving. It’s starting to miss me from this morning. ;)
Until the next day, ya’ll!


Day 1 - An Introduction! :)

                                              SUP SHAWTIES?!

Numer uno. Taken right after class. :)

I’m actually an evil genius behind the sweet face - my intelligence speaks in ways uncomprehensible to most little earthlings. All jokes aside, <b>I have a wicked sense of humor</b>. I could laugh at paint drying on a wall. I have a million laughs for every day of the week, for every situation, and for every feeling. I’m super duper friendly, so all my fellow tumblr-ers (is that even a proper word? lolol) feel free to converse with me. I’m pretty decent at holding a well-rounded conversation about anything in general. I loveloveloveloveLOVE meeting new people - especially from different cultural backgrounds and persuasions. You talk about some of the most interesting people, eh?

So a little about me? Well, my name is Samantha - most just call me Sam. You would probably assume I’m an english major by the way I type, eh? Well, I’m actually just a fickle (and very nerdy) microbiology major at a small college called Southeastern. It was never the college on my top choices, but after a scholarship thrown at me it quickly became home. Now I’m just living by the moment, student on the weekdays…cashier on weekends…eurgh. Don’t get me started on that God forsaken job! I barely have any time for myself, but I decided to start this nifty little project to keep my spirits up throughout these long days!

The purpose behind this account is to be a daily, pictorial blog of random collections of pictures throughout the day for the next year. I figured I should edumucate some people on what it is like to live a CRAZZZZYYYY lifestyle such as my own. Ahem! Basically it’s life seen through the eyes of an inexperienced college freshman.

Okay, now that that public service announcement bogus is over, let’s get back to me, shall we (how conceited, my my my my)? Some of my hobbies include drawing, writing, and playing guitar. Art has taken a huge role in my life as my drug. Or anti-drug. Whatever you crazed drug psychos want me to say. I’m currently working on several writing projects, more of which I’ll talk about later if I get around to it. I also have a strong appreciation for the martial arts and have been in fact studying under the same school for twelve years now! I’m proud that I’m still there, teaching, and going strong.

I have an unhealthy obsession with Leonardo DiCaprio, Mark Whalberg, dragons, owls, kickass books, boots, baby ducks, and taco bell. My arteries are probably all clogged from the amount of taco bell I consume per week. It’s unreal. But it’s ungodly amazing, tbh. FRANKLY. OBVIOUSLY. INDEED.

    I have been told I look like several celebrities.

  • Christine Dolce,
  • Mariah Carey,
  • Eva Longoria,
  • Megan Fox,
  • Kat Von D,
  • Amy Winehouse,
  • Flo,
  • and that one chick who plays Bella off of Twilight

While I see NO similarities to ANY of these celebrities, you can throw more at me or tell me how I look like them. Sometimes it’s ego boosting. Sometimes it’s not. ohlol

I’m not messy, just to let you know. I’m just lazy. I’m organized in whatever mess I create. (;

Random fact of the day!

Feel free to talk to me, guys! As I already said, I absolutely ADORE talking to new people! I also love hearing about all of your lives, so if you’re looking for more people to follow you, just go ahead and ask! Alright, until tomorrow, everyone! Until tomorrow!

p.s. Ignore any icky coding. I’ll have it all fixed within the next day or so. Thanks! :)